Industrial Portable H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

Industrial Portable H2S Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Analyzer

Destination gas: H2S
Measure range : 0-200ppm
Sensor type: Electrochemistry method
Alarm : sound,light and vibration
Battery:high energy replaceable battery
FOB Price:75$-85$

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Product Details

This portable H2S gas analyzer is LCD digital display,battery replaceable,three alarms instrument,which detect Hydrogen Sulfide gas concnetration by natural diffusion.

This detector is factory-set to alert a low-alarm condition when the level of H2S reaches 10 (ppm),and a high-alarm condition when reaches 20 (ppm). In low-alarm conditions, the audible alarm beeps , the visual alarm flashes, and the unit vibrates once per second. In high-alarm conditions, the audible alarm beeps, the visual alarm flashes faster, and the unit vibrates twice per second. 

H2S analyzer 1403 portable H2S gas detector


1)  LCD digital display; 
2)  Low battery indication;
3)  Alarm Type: Audible,Visual and Vibration;
4)  Build-in replaceable battery,can be used for 3-6 months;

5)  With Stainless Steel belt clip for easy carry;
6)  Restore factory settings;
7)  High and low alarm points, fully adjustable;

8)  With zero adjustment to compensate for zero drift;
8)  CE,ATEX certificate,Explosion-proof.


Product size: 114 mm * 55 mm * 46 mm

Product weight:105g    

Detect gas:H2S  

Sensor type:Electrochemistry method

Sampling type:Diffusion

Response time:≤30s   

Measure range:0-200PPM  


Temperature range:- 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃ 

Humidity:15% ~ 95% RH (No condensation)   

Power supply:Built in lithium battery,replaceable

Running time:3-6months, based on the environment in site  

Display:LCD digital display, high brightness yellow back lighting 

Features:With zero setting, alarm point set, can be calibrated,restore factory settings  



This portable H2S gas monitor is widely used in biogas,chemical industry,laboratory,coal mine,oil mine, farm, warehouse, tunnels, underground pipeline and other places, effectively preventing the happening of the accident.  

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