Portable CO Carbon monoxide Gas Alarming Detector

Portable CO Carbon monoxide Gas Alarming Detector

Name:Portable CO Gas Detector
Size: 114 mm*55mm*46mm
Weight: 105 g
Power supply: battery (Replaceable)

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Product Details

Portable single gas detector, it is a kind of concentration of instrument that can continuous detect the concentration of oxygen, toxic and harmful gas in the working environment. The detector detects gas concentration with natural diffusion mode, which uses the imported sensors and has a good sensitivity and repeatability.

Portable CO Carbon monoxide Gas Alarming DetectorPortable CO Carbon monoxide Gas Alarming Detector

Product Features:

1. Handheld, industry use, high sensitivity and accuracy

2.  Visual & audible&vibration alarm

3.  High & low alarm point, fully adjustable

4.  Replaceable battery

5.  LED large screen display

6.  Fault and under-voltage instructions

7.  With Stainless Steel belt clip

8.  CE,ATEX certificate,Explosion-proof

9.  Can set up alarm points,zero points, and calibration

Packaging List
1 Portable CO gas alarming detector (Aluminum box)

1 user's manual (English)


Widely used in metallurgy, power plant, chemical industry, mine, tunnel, tunnels, underground pipeline and other places, effectively prevented the happening of the accident.

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