Portable 4in1 Gas Detector For LEL H2S, CO, O2 analyzer

Portable 4in1 Gas Detector For LEL H2S, CO, O2 analyzer

1) LCD Display with English menu;
2) Alarm Type: Audible, visual&vibration
3) Can keep 3000 alarm record;
4) Rechargeable lithium battery.
5) Cert. CE,CNEx
6)Warranty : 1year

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Product Details

Portable Gas Detector For H2S, CO, O2 And Combustibles detector

         Portable compound gas alarming detector can detect four kinds of poisonous and harmful gas at the same time. (we also have 6in1 gas detector) , (CO, H2S, NO, NO2, SO2, CL2, NH3, O3, H2, O2, EX) can be combine by random. CO2 is detected seperately it is with infrared sensor.


Product Features:

1) LCD Display with English menu;

2) Displaying battery capacity, low battery indication and automatic turn-off;

3) Alarm Type: Audible, visual&vibration

4) Can keep 3000 alarm record;

5) Rechargeable lithium battery.

6) Cert. CE,CNEx

7)Warranty : 1year

8) Data can imported to PC via USB TTL adapter

Basic Parameters

Size25.5 * 7.6 * 6.4 cm
Weight180 (including the lithium battery)
Sampling methoddispersive
The shell materialengineering plastics, rubber jacket
Protection gradeIP65, waterproof and dustproof
Work temperature20 ℃ to 50 ℃
Work humidity0% ~ 95% relative humidity (no condensation)
Product certificationChinaEX CMC,CE ATEX
Displaylarge screen graphics LCD display, with automatic background light
Display languageEnglish
Display contentreal-time readings, battery voltage, date, time, temperature
Keys2 function keys
Warning90 db @ 10 cm buzzer, red leds
Alarm signalgas exceeds bid,battery voltage is insufficient, sensor failure, battery power shortage alarm
Alarm Settingshigh/low alarm limit
The data storage3000 record content including date, time, serial number, user ID, such as testing point value
The sampling interval1-3600 seconds is adjustable
Data communicationUSB (through base), RS232 (through travel charger),
Electricity poolrechargeable lithium ion batteries
run timecan work continuously for 12 hours (depending on the work environment and use frequency)
The charging time3 to 5 hours
The calibration methodtwo/three point zero calibration/extension
The sensorCO O2 LEL H2S
Sensor parametersGas 
RangeResolutionLevel alarm




About Packaging

1 Compound Gas Detector

1 User's Manual
1 Charger


HuaFanQinLu Portable 4in1 Gas Detector For LEL H2S, CO, O2, Rechargeable Batteries

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