Fixed H2 Gas Detector Hydrogen analyzer

Fixed H2 Gas Detector Hydrogen analyzer

Name:H2 gas detector
Size:324 mm * 154 mm * 82 mm
Weight: 2100g
Working voltage:AC 110-220V

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Product Details

Fixed H2 Gas Detector Hydrogen detector

Hydrogen is a colorless, odorless, non-toxic, flammable and explosive gas, although hydrogen is non-toxic, physically inert to the human body, but if the content of hydrogen in the air increases, will cause oxygen asphyxia.Liquid hydrogen overflows and sudden mass evaporation can also cause a lack of oxygen in the environment and may form an explosive mixture with the air, triggering combustion and explosion accidents.Mixing with air forms an explosive mixture that explodes when heated or ignited.

Product Description:

Our fixed h2 gas detector is used in detecting toxic gas h2 in air. It can also detect other gases as customers need.It is installed on the wall and display real time gas concentration continously.The alarm point is adjustable, when the gas concentration exceed the alarm point,it will make audible,visual alarm.It can connected with a fans or solenoid valve.

Fixed hydrogen gas detector product features:

1) LED display, English description on the panel
2) Sound and light alarm design, 

3) Simple operation, easy calibration, zero and alarm Settings,
4) Can be output relay control signals. Metal shell, solid and durable, easy to install.

Product Parameters:

Size:324 mm * 154 mm * 82 mm
Weight:2100 g
Sensor types:electrochemistry method
Destination gas:H2
Measure range:0-1000ppm
Response time:less than 30 s or less
Display: High brightness red digital tube Alarm: More than 90 db alarm way: voice alarm (10 cm away from the detector measurement data) Light alarm for the LED warning light
Output control:relay output (AC220V5A), signal control (switch) (optional: 4-20 ma current signal output)
Installation method:wall-mounted installation
Temperature range:- 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Humidity:15% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)

Product Pictures:

fixed gas detector wall mounted

fixed hydrogen H2 gas detector

fixed hydrogen H2 gas detector

fixed hydrogen H2 gas detector


On-line hydrogen detection alarm is widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, coal mine, water plant and other environments to effectively prevent the occurrence of explosion accidents.

Gas parameters:




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