Best Price RS485 Sulfur dioxide SO2 gas detector

Best Price RS485 Sulfur dioxide SO2 gas detector

Size:144 mm * 190 mm * 74 mm
Weight: about 1130 g
Destination gas: SO2
Working pattern: continuous work
Working voltage: DC24V
Output signal: 485 digital signal
Output: four wire (two power cord, two signal lines)

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Product Details

SO2 Gas Transmitter, RS485 Output Signal

The series of 485 main line gas detection alarm system adopts non-standard agreement or MOdBUS protocol for data collection and transmission. This fixed so2 gas detector alarm can detect gas concentraion in the spot and transfer gas signal to a control panel,when gas concentration exceed a preset alarm level,the panel will make alarm. It is with relay output to connected with an alarm light or fans,valves.

Basic parameters:

Product namefixed so2 gas detector
Size144 mm * 190 mm * 74 mm
Weightabout 1130g 
Sensor typesetectrochemistry type
Destination gasso2(0-100ppm)
Response time≤30s
Working patterncontinuous work
Working voltageDC24V
Output signal485 digital signal
CommunicateModbus RTU
Outputfour wire (two power cord, two signal lines)
Temperature range- 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Humidity15% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)
Explosion-proof Exd II CT6
Connection modefour wire connection mode
Transmission cablesa four core shielded cable
Transmission distance< 1000 m

 So2 gas detector alarm Product Features:

1 )  Imported sensors,has a good sensitivity and repeatability;

2 )  Simple menu operation,complete functions and high reliability;
3 )  Uses the bus wire system, having strong anti-jamming capability, convenient layout;
4 )  Provides an controlling external device (exhaust fan, solenoid valve, etc.) of the switch output;
5 )  Detects gas concentration with natural diffusion mode;

6 )  Adopts aluminum shell material with high strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Product Pictures:

 so2 gas detector alarm so2 gas detector alarm

Detect gas paramteres:


What's the differences among 2/3/4 wires connection?

In a 2 wire transmitter, one wire is the power source (+) and other one is the return Power (-) + Signal (mA).

In a 3 wire transmitter, two wires are used as a power supply (+) and (-) and the third one is used as Signal (mA).

In a 4 wire traansmitter, two wires are used for power supply and the other two wires are used for Signal (mA).

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