LCD Fixed CO Gas Alarming Detector

LCD Fixed CO Gas Alarming Detector

Sensor type: Electrochemistry sensor from UK
Alarms: Intelligent sound and red light
Display: LCD display in English with time and clock
Gas detected:carbon monoxide CO
Measure range: 0-1000ppm,can be customized
Function: Detection and alarming
Weight: 3800g

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Product Details

Product Overview

Fixed LCD display CO gas alarming detector can be used continuously in operation enviroment to detect the concentration of carbon monoxide gas. It integrates gas detection and controller in one,sound and light alarm,with big 128*64 dot matrix LCD display,easy to operate and install.

LCD Fixed CO Gas Alarming Detector For Gas Leak Sensor Manufacturer Environmental IndustriesLCD Fixed CO Gas Alarming Detector For Gas Leak Sensor Manufacturer Environmental Industries




Gas detected:carbon monoxide CO

Measuring range: 0-1000ppm(0-2000ppm is optional)

Resolution: 1ppm

Interface(Optional): 4-20mA output, RS485 businterface

Alarms: Intelligent sound and light

Display: LCD large screen display,time and cadendar display

Storage:can save 3000 alarm records

Working voltage: AC220V 50Hz

Temperature: -20 ℃ t0 50℃

Humidity: 15%-90% HR(No condensation)

Main Features

*  Adopts advanced embedded micro controller(16 digit ultra-low power consumption )

*  128*64 dot matrix ultra-large LCD

*  User can set the alarm level

*  Displaying the time of fist alarm

*  Real-time clock

*  Replaceable modularized sensor

*  Automatic calibration function, reduce the measuring error.

*  Automatically save alarm data for 1000 articles

*  standby battery can work more than 100 hours in the condition that do not alarm (optional)

*  standard signal(4-20mA) can be directly connected to factory's DCS system (optional)

*  RS485 digital signal is connected to factory’s principle computer (optional)

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