Fixed Chlorine Gas Leak Detector

Fixed Chlorine Gas Leak Detector

Gas detected: Chlorine Gas
Sensor type:High sensitive electrochemical sensor from UK
Function: detect,monitor,display and alarm
MOQ:1 Piece Price:$227~$340

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Product Details

This style fixed CL2 gas detector can detect,monitor and display Cl2 gas concnetration in the working environment real timely and alarming when the gas concnetration exceed the alarm points. 


1. LED display; 

2. Detect with natural diffusion mode;

3. AC220V supply, continuous monitor gas concentration;

4. Imported sensitive sensor from UK;

5. Intelligent sound and light alarm design;

6. Display,detection and alarm are self-contained;

7. Can be output relay control signals;

8. Simple menu operation,high reliability; 

9. Easy calibration, zero and alarm settings;

10. Metal shell, solid and durable, easy to install;

11.  O2 NO NO2 CO CO2 SO2 NH3 PH3 O3 H2S etc can be customized.

Cl2 gas analyzer


Size:324 mm * 154 mm * 82 mm

Weight: 2100 g

Sensor types: electrochemistry method

Destination gas: CL2

Display: High brightness red digital tube
Alarm: More than 90 dB voice alarm,Light alarm for the LED warning light

Output control: relay output (AC220V5A), signal control (switch)
(optional: 4-20 mA current signal output)
Working pattern: continuous work
Working voltage: AC220V 50 Hz
Temperature range: - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Humidity: 15% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)

Installation method: wall-mounted installation


wall mounted detector

Wall mounted Cl2 gas deetctor Fixed CL2 gas analyzer

Not only for Cl2,O2 CO H2S CO2 SO2 O3 CH4 HCL PH3 NH3 etc gases also can be detected.


This style Cl2 gas analyzer has widely used in chemical industry, petroleum,pharmaceutical,environmental industries and other work environment with imported sensors, high precision and strong anti-interference ability, long service life. 

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