Personal LEL CO H2S O2 Portable Multi Gas detector

Personal LEL CO H2S O2 Portable Multi Gas detector

1) LCD display in english description
2) Rechargeable battery
3) CE,ATEX certificata
4) Detect gas:h2s co lel o2

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Mini size 4 gas detector for portable CO H2S O2 LEL multi detector

Portable 4in1 gas leak detector can detect four kinds of poisonous and harmful gas in aire at the same time. It is with english display and simple operation.when gas concentration exceed the alarm point , it will make audible,visual,vibration alarm. It also can read alarm record and being connected to the micro USB to TTL adapter

HFP-0401 Multi 4 gas detector (2)

Multi 4in1 Gas Detector Product Features:


1. With real-time storage, alarm status and time can be recorded in real time;

2. Continuously gas concentration and LCD real-time display;

3. Rechargeable lithium battery (continuous working period can be 16~18 hours);

4. Concentration units ppm/lel/vol;

5. Built-in vibration alarm which is applied for noisy environment;

6. Two stage alarm threshold: the low alarm and high alarm point can be adjusted;

7. Acoustic & visual & vibration three-stage alarm;

8. Small figure and light weight;

9. Password protection capability: only the authorized user can modify the preset parameter.

10.With miro USB interface, can be charge.

11.Optional function: Pluggable USB to TTF adapter, connected to the host computer to read the alarm record

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