Factory Supply LEL CO H2S O2 Portable Multi 4 Gas detector

Factory Supply LEL CO H2S O2 Portable Multi 4 Gas detector

1) LCD display in english description
2) Rechargeable battery
3) CE,ATEX certificata
4) Detect gas:h2s co lel o2

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Product Details

Portable 4in1 gas detector can detect any four kinds of poisonous and harmful gas in air at the same time. It is with english display and simple operation.when gas concentration exceed the alarm point , it will make audible,visual,vibration alarm. the multi gas detector also can read alarm record and being connected to the micro USB to TTL adapter

multi gas detectorportable multi gas detector

Multi 4in1 Gas Detector Product Features:

English description display gas type,unit,concentration,time,data

● Rechargeable battery with 1800mAh battery

● CE,ATEX certificate.

● Aluminum case packing

● Three alarm type:audiable,vibration,flashing alarm

Detect gasH2S CO O2 CH4 or others 



O2: 0-30%VOL 

Combustible gas(CH4,LEL,EX):0-100%LEL
AlarmsAudible,vibration,visual alarm
DisplayLCD dot matrix display, English description
Operating Environment-20—50°C,5—90%RH(no condensation)
Power SupplyDC3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion battery 1800mAh,
Explosion-proofEXib IIB T3 Gb
Data outputAvailable for data downloading and printing (optional)


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