RS485 4 In 1Gas Leak Detection Transmitter DC12V-36V

RS485 4 In 1Gas Leak Detection Transmitter DC12V-36V

Name:fixed Nitrogen Oxide gas detector
Size:142 mm * 178.5 mm * 91 mm
Weight: about 1350g
Sensor types: electrochemistry method(gas catalytic combustion type,special separately)
MOQ:1 piece

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    RS485 4 in 1Gas Leak Detection Transmitter DC12V-36V

  Four-in-one Wire gas detection transmitter can continuously detect poisonous and harmful, inflammable and explosive gas concentration in the working environment.Parameters, alarm point, alarm mode can be adjusted, it can test four gas at the same time.

Our gas detection transmitter is made of aluminum material with high strength, heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

Our product has widely used in detecting toxic and harmful gas or oxygen content detection in metallurgical industry, power plants, chemical industry, mine, tunnel, tunnels, underground pipeline and other places, effectively prevent the happening of the accident.

Basic parameters:
Size:142 mm * 178.5 mm * 91 mm
Weight: about 1350 g
Sensor types: electrochemistry method (gas catalytic combustion type,special separately)
Destination gas:oxygen (O2), poisonous and harmful gases (CO, H2S, NH3, CL2, etc.)
Response time:≤30s(O2); ≤40s(CO) ;
Working pattern:continuous work
Working voltage:DC12-36V
Output signal:RS485/Two bus/433MHz
Output way:LCD display
Control output:Switch output, the maximum load 250 V AC 3A
Additional function: time,calendar display,keep 3000+test records
Temperature range:- 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
Humidity:15% ~ 90% RH (No condensation)
Explosion-proof number:CE101084
Explosion-proof marks:Exd II CT6
Connection method:RS485 is four wire connection, two bus wire adopts two core ,433MHz adopts two wire.
Transmission cables: shielded cable RVVP1.0
Transmission distance:<1000 m

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