2019 New Product 4IN1 Gas Detector With 2.8-inch TFT Color Screen Display

- Oct 18, 2019-

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2019 New Product 4IN1 Gas detector co2 h2s o2 ch4 gas detector


      The portable Multi 4in1 gas detector adopts 2.8-inch TFT color screen display, which can detect 4 kinds of gases at the same time. It supports the detection of temperature and humidity. The operation interface is beautiful and elegant, it supports display in both Chinese and English. When the concentration exceeds the preseted alarm point, the instrument will make sound, light and vibration alarm. With real-time data storage function, and USB communication interface, can connect with the computer to read settings, derive records,Use PC material, appearance design conform to ergonomic design.

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Product feature:

★ 2.8 inch TFT color screen, 240*320 resolution, support Chinese or English display

★ according to customer requirements, up to 4 kinds of gases can be detected at the same time, support CO2 and VOC sensors.

★ can detect the temperature and humidity in the working environment

★ four buttons, compact size, easy to operate and carry

★ with real-time clock, can be set

★ LCD real-time display for gas concentration and alarm status

★Large capacity lithium battery charging, ensure the instrument works continuously for a long time

★Vibration, audible and visual three alarm mode

★ strong high-grade crocodile clip, easy to carry

★The shell is made of high strength special engineering plastics, strong and durable, beautiful and comfortable

★ with data storage function, can store 3,000 alarm records and 990,000 real-time records, can view records on the instrument, but also through the data line connection computer export data.


Product Parameters;


Detacted gas


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