Hot Sale New Style Wifi Remote Control Smart LED Bulb

- Oct 30, 2019-

New style Wifi remote control Smart LED bulb

Product introduction

Ideal, Huafan WiFi smart LED bulb, adopts WiFi wireless technology, which can be controlled by phone anytime and anywhere. You can control it from a long distance, turning it on or off, or make it (on or off) at a certain time or after a short time.You can also choose different color and adjust light intensity as you like. Ideal will try its best to help you save electricity and a colorful house will yield much fun to your intelligent life.

彩灯 (8)

Technical Parameters



Type LED lamp




Luminous flux


wireless spectrum




Light color


Adjusting chroma


Lamp type


WiFi /Remote control




Net weigh


Basic functions

Bulb 2

Control from long distance:

Ideal Wi-Fi smart LED bulb can be controlled from a long distance conveniently. For example, if you are not at home but you forget to turn off the lights, you can turn it off through an APP. Or before you go home, you can turn on lights earlier through your phone so that the house is not too dark.

 ▲Timing and time-delay:

Timing means that you can set a certain time turn on or turn off lights. For example, you can set a time in 7:30, then it will be on in that time, your bedroom will be bright. Time-delay means that you can do this after a short time.

Bulb 3

Bulb 4

Scenario functions

★Shake mode: The color will change when you shake your phone.

Music mode: The color and light intensity will change according to the music you play.

Single-colored mode: The bulb will shine in one single color. And you can adjust light intensity.

Different-colored mode: The bulb will shine in seven different colors. You can adjust light intensity too. 

Bulb 5

Bulb App


It widely used in Venue layout, Living room, Hotel, Museum, Bar, KTV and Chirstmas revel.


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