How To Install A Natural Lpg Gas Leak Detector In Restaurant Or Kitchen

- May 15, 2020-

        In restaurants or kitchens, a lpg or natrual gas detector is a must. Commercial places such as restaurants, college canteens, all kinds of food city, must use the product quality clearance gas kitchen and metal connection pipe, gas use places must also be equipped with gas leakage alarm device.

     Relevant departments to draft "about in each kind of gas used unit to install fuel gas leak the regulation of safety protection device" to ask, all the gas production and business operation entities and restaurants, construction sites, hospital, school and unit canteens and other public service users must install combustible gas alarm, then today to explain the hotel kitchen and school canteen combustible gas alarm is how to install:

lpg gas detector1

The place to install natural gas detector:

within the radius of 1.5 meters with the air source as the center, well-ventilated place.

1) LPG (LPG composition: most gas: "propane, butane".Less gas:: "ethylene, propylene, ethane butene", etc.)Density is bigger than air, stay in low place when leakage, gas alarm detector should be installed from the ground about 0.5 meters.

(2) the density of liquefied natural gas or gas is smaller than the air, and it stays at a high place after leakage. The detector should be installed about 0.5 meters away from the ceiling.


fixed gas detector (1) - 副本

LPG Gas detector can not be installed at below places:

The position that the air is not easy to circulate inside corner, cabinet;

A place where is easy to be directly smoked by soot.

Combustible gas leakage alarm is applicable to all kinds of combustible gas (liquefied gas) leakage places, the type of portable and fixed two.after one year of use, the alarm should be returned to the manufacturer or the local metering institute for calibration, because after one year, the sensitivity of the built-in sensor will be reduced and the detection error will be large.

lpg detector

       According to the introduction, after installing the safety system, when the concentration of gas leakage reaches 25% of the lower limit of deflagration, the explosion-proof fan will be automatically started to ventilate and the manager of the restaurant will be informed by text message.When the leakage concentration reaches 50% of the lower limit of deflagration, the cut-off valve will stop the gas supply and inform the gas supply enterprise.When the leakage concentration reaches 75% of the deflagration limit, the owner and the local street safety supervision department will be notified

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