How To Install Fixed Gas Detectors?

- Jun 12, 2020-

       The gas detecor probe should be installed within the 1 meter range near the valve, pipeline interface, air outlet or easy leak point, as close as possible, but do not affect the operation of other equipment, and try to avoid high temperature and high humidity environment, avoid other impacts, such as the possibility of splashing water, oil to lead to mechanical damage. Today we will share with you: How to install fixed gas detectors,What to pay attention to when installing gas detector?



a. The fixed gas detector shall be installed within 1 meter around the valve, pipeline interface, air outlet or leakage prone place, as close as possible, but not affecting the operation of other equipment, avoiding high temperature and humidity environment as possible, avoiding external influences, such as the possibility of splashing water, oil and mechanical damage.

b. The installation method can be roof hoisting, wall installation or pipe holding installation, which shall be firm and reliable, and shall be convenient for maintenance and calibration.

c. Three core shielded cable shall be used for the wiring of gas detector, and the diameter of single wire shall be greater than 1 mm2. The shielding layer must be grounded during wiring.

d. When installing the gas detector, the sensor shall be fixed downward, the lock nut shall be fully tightened, the probe cover shall be fully covered and screwed to meet the explosion-proof requirements.



e. The gas detector shall be connected without power on, and powered on after confirming that the connection is correct; the detector shall be opened and debugged where there is no combustible gas leakage on site.


f. The probe shall be installed in a position free from large vibration and as stable as possible.

g. The gas detector shall be calibrated at least once a year to ensure the detection accuracy. Pure gas test is prohibited, and fumigation test with lighter is prohibited to avoid failure due to over concentration of combustible gas fumigation test.


h. The probe is guaranteed for one year from the time it reaches the user. After the warranty period, the company can provide paid services. If the detector is damaged due to the improper use, it is not within the scope of warranty. The cost can be charged according to the situation, and the detector can be repaired or replaced.



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