How To Install Gas Alarm In Hotel Kitchen And Restaurant?

- Aug 23, 2019-


In the kictchen of a resturant, hotel, cooking place, it is important to keep safe from fire. So it makes the gas leak detectors much more important to keep safe. Here is something we need to know when install gas detectors:

1. Relevant regulations: the distance between two combustible gas detectors should not exceed 15 meters, that is, the detection radius of one alarm is 7.5 meters.(according to the experience: the effective detection area is about 25 square meters).

2. If your canteen is using natural gas, the gas detector should be installed 1.5 meters above the gas leakage source;If liquefied petroleum gas is used, the alarm should be installed 30-60 cm above the ground.

3, gas alarm should not be installed at: corner, cabinet and other difficult to circulate the air position;Easy to be smoked directly, such as lampblack position.

4 8路安装示意图

Function of gas alarm detector:

Detect gas leakage concentration, once exceed the standard,it immediately sends alarm to remind staff to take safety measures.From its role, it is not difficult to see the importance of gas alarm.For example, if a gas alarm is installed when the gas is used in the kitchen, in case we forget to turn off the gas source, the alarm will remind us that there is a gas leak and measures should be taken to avoid explosion accidents.


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