How To Select Toxic And Harmful Gas Detector?

- Sep 27, 2019-

     In China, due to historical and cognitive reasons, there are still many problems when we choose various kinds of detector, which are embodied in the following aspects:

1. The detection of combustible gas is more important than that of toxic gas.

2. The detection of gas that may cause acute poisoning is more important than that of gas that may cause chronic poisoning.

gas detector

      As a result of many combustible gas leakage caused by the explosion accident, people always think combustible gas detection is very important, it can be said that for any refinery, chemical plant, the majority detectors for dangerous occasions is combustible gas detector.

     But the combustible gas detector is not enough to protect workers' safety and health.What is undeniable is that most volatile hazardous gas is flammable and explosive gas, however, the catalytic combustion type easily combustible gas detector (LEL) is not for all the combustible gas detection is the best choice, because they can detect the lower limit of combustible gas other than the methane concentration is far higher than the allowable concentration.


    In addition, we pay much attention to the gases which can cause acute poisoning, such as hydrogen sulfide, hydrogen cyanide acid, but for gas which cause chronic poisoning, such as aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols and others test not enough, In fact, the latter for worker health and safety hazards is not inferior to the gas can cause acute poisoning.In addition to cognitive reasons, the lack of gas detectors that can detect lower concentrations on the market is also an important reason.

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