Lpg Gas Detector Used In The Restaurant Kitchen

- Oct 25, 2019-

      In the new open restaurants, the safety coefficient of diner will be higher, because these places are not given lpg gas untill they install gas detectors

      The promulgation of the first "technical specifications for installation and acceptance of commercial gas cookers and facilities" in China details the installation of commercial gas cookers, connecting pipes and smoke extraction facilities, indoor gas pipelines, and acceptance before ventilation test.And the new commercial gas places such as restaurants, colleges and universities canteens, all kinds of food city, must use the product quality gas stove and metal connection pipe, must be equipped with gas leakage alarm device. here is to tell customers how to install the combustible gas alarm detector in the hotel kitchen and the school canteen:

lpg gas detector

The place to install natural gas detector:

within the radius of 1.5 meters with the air source as the center, well-ventilated place.

1) LPG (LPG composition: most gas: "propane, butane".Less gas:: "ethylene, propylene, ethane butene", etc.)Density is bigger than air, stay in low place when leakage, gas alarm detector should be installed from the ground about 0.5 meters.

(2) the density of liquefied natural gas or gas is smaller than the air, and it stays at a high place after leakage. The detector should be installed about 0.5 meters away from the ceiling.


Gas detector can not be installed at below places:

The position that the air is not easy to circulate inside corner, cabinet;

A place where is easy to be directly smoked by soot.

Combustible gas leakage alarm is applicable to all kinds of combustible gas (liquefied gas) leakage places, the type of portable and fixed two.after one year of use, the alarm should be returned to the manufacturer or the local metering institute for calibration, because after one year, the sensitivity of the built-in sensor will be reduced and the detection error will be large.

lpg gas detector-

      While bringing convenience to citizens and enterprises, combusitiable gas also with huge risks. In recent years, there are a number of deflections caused by gas leakage in catering enterprises causing casualties and property losses.Currently, about 57% of the nearly 70,000 catering enterprises initially registered use LPG.It found that 70% of LPG users did not know which unit supplied them gas, 70% of LPG cylinders in use were unqualified, and 33,240 50kg LPG cylinders could not determine the source of supply.

      LPG is mainly composed of propane or butane. When the gas concentration reaches 1.5% to 9.5% after leakage, it will explose with fire.The safety equipment that the municipal safety supervision department of each area request includes gas concentration detector, explosion-proof fan and cut-off valve, and enterprises can choose to purchase freely according to their own conditions.But must install at suitable position.

      According to the introduction, after installing the safety system, when the concentration of gas leakage reaches 25% of the lower limit of deflagration, the explosion-proof fan will be automatically started to ventilate and the manager of the restaurant will be informed by text message.When the leakage concentration reaches 50% of the lower limit of deflagration, the cut-off valve will stop the gas supply and inform the gas supply enterprise.When the leakage concentration reaches 75% of the deflagration limit, the owner and the local street safety supervision department will be notified

What we supply:

Gas detection controller system;

Portable gas detectors;

Fixed gas detector with display & alarm


Gas detector with alarm

can be used separately as a gas detect instrument or can be connected to detection controller. it detect the leak gas continuously. It is with relay switch output signal and meet the explosion-proof lights or other external devices.


Gas detector with alarm&display

 Digital tube display gas detector is with red high brightness and more intuitive scene show.It can be used separately as a gas detect instrument or can be connected to detection controller.It is with relay switch output signal and can add the explosion-proof lights or other external devices.


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