Outdoor Activity Highlights Review

- Aug 28, 2019-

In order to improve the enthusiasm and working atmosphere of employees, establish the awareness of positive communication, mutual trust, unity and cooperation among employees, xi 'an huafan held the team building activity of the third quarter as scheduled on August 24, 2019.


The first part is Laser version of CS

We have be divided to RED TEAM and BLUE TEAM, everyone played very happy and cooperated very well. The game enhance the sense of responsibility of teammates.


The second part is having lunch and singing outdoor.

Singing outdoor let everyone’s mind and body suddenly got flying after long time working in the city.


The third part is battle on the boat.

This part is very furious although everyone getting wet, the game make everyone know the importance of cooperation.


The last part is Handmade wood plays.

Through this intellective game, we know how to do some different things successfully, make everyone keep a clear and perspicuous mind.


So, this is a Interesting and meaningful outdoor activity, not only make everyone’s body and mind get relax, also learn much knowledge which can not get from living and working.


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