The Function Of Gas Detector Calibration

- Aug 30, 2019-


      Gas detectors are widely used in petrochemical, coal, metallurgical, chemical, laboratory, coal mine and other dangerous environments.Gas alarm plays a preventive role in dangerous environment to avoid the loss of property and the occurrence of poisoning accidents. According to the nation rules, flammable, explosive gas leakage and other dangerous places must install gas detectors。In order to ensure the combustible gas detector keep accurated and stable,it must be calibrated by technical personnel regularly to avoid the unnecessary loss.

      Gas  detectors have limited lifetime.Combustible sensor is 3-5 years, toxic gas sensor is 2-3 years.The service life of the sensor is directly related to the working environment.Gas detectors have fixed measure range.Long time beyond the range of measurement, the sensor may cause permanent damage.At the same time, the measurement precision of gas detector will be greatly reduced due to various improper usage.


      Periodically calibrate the detector sensor is very helpfur to the accuracy. and that is very effectively avoid the phenomenon of alarm drift and inaccurate detection.

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