What Is Gas Detector Calibration? How To Calibrate For Gas Detectors?

- Nov 15, 2019-

        A gas alarm detector is a device used to detect certain gases concentration.When you buy a gas alarm detector, the manuel informs you how to adjust the gas alarm point and remind you that the gas detector needs to be calibrated regularly. However,people do not know why need to calibrate the detectors?


       1. The accuracy of the instrument is an important prerequisite for making alarm when the concentration of toxic and harmful gas or combustible gas in the environment reaches the preset alarm point. Correctly and timely alarm is the guarantee of personnel safety and production safety.

        2. The accuracy of the detector mainly depends on the sensor. The electrochemical sensor and the catalytic combustion sensor will gradually change or even lose their efficacy due to the influence of some substances in the environment.So it is absolutely necessary to calibrate the gas alarm detector regularly.

        3. at present, all the gas alarm detector has not got rid of the relative measurement method, because of this, the instrument needs timely maintenance and correction, only after the manufacturer's requirements correct correction, the accurate test result can be guaranteed.

       4. In order to ensure that the error of instrument test results does not exceed the normal range, frequent correction is necessary.Just like our watches, we often check with the standard time to ensure the accuracy of the time displayed on the watch.Accuracy is even more important for gas alarm detectors whose detection results are related to the safety of life.

How to calibrate for a gas detector?

        Firstly we need to zero set the detector, then we need standard gas for calibration, let's take a fixed gas detector as an example:

The transmitter before the factory calibration parameters by conventional gas, if necessary, re-calibrated according to the following calibration method. Note: CO2 detection transmitter does not support zero and range adjustment



A. the zero adjustment The transmitter is placed in the pure air, digital display and control instruments connected, about a half hours later the start zeroing. Adjust the "zero" potentiometer (see below), so that the host is displayed as "0000." 

B. The range adjustment After the known standard gas flow through the controller 200ml / min flow rate of the gas supply to the transmitter for about 1 minute, until the display is stable, adjust the "calibration" potentiometer (pictured above), until to the display value as same of the standard consistent gas concentrations. After the show stable stop gas, and then see whether the transmitter can return to zero in pure air. If you have questions you can repeat the zero and range adjustment. Note: Depending on the type of transmitter select the corresponding calibration method. 

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