Hot Sell Portable O2 Detector Oxygen Gas Analyzer

Hot Sell Portable O2 Detector Oxygen Gas Analyzer

1. Handheld, industry use, high sensitivity and accuracy
2. Visual & audible&vibration alarm
3. High & low alarm point, fully adjustable
4. Replaceable battery
5. LED large screen display
6. CE,ATEX certificate,Explosion-proof
7. Can set up alarm points,zero points, and calibration

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Product Details

Hot sell portable o2 detector oxygen gas analyzer

This oxygen gas detector uses natural diffusion to detect gas. When the O2 concentration is lower than 18%or higher than 23%, it will make alarms, customers can set up the alarm point as well. 

It use imported gas sensor with very high sensitivity and accuracy. The outer casing is made of industrial high-strength composite plastic,which is explosion-proof. 

The product can add a communication interface, which can store and export or print data for analysis, and is widely used in petrochemical, metallurgical, mining, agricultural, experimental and other industries.


Product Features:

1) LCD Display with English menu;

2) Can set up alarm points,zero points, and calibration

3) Alarm Type: Audible, visual&vibration

4) Can keep 3000 alarm records;

5) Rechargeable lithium battery.

6) 180°rotatable screen.

7) Cert. CE,CNEx,explosion proof,ATEX

8) Warranty : 1year

9) Optional Function:connected to PC for print or data analysis

10) Displaying battery capacity, low battery indication and automatic turn-off;

108 mm * 61 mm * 40 mm
135 g
Sensor types:
 electrochemistry method
Response time:
Measure range
voice alarm ,light, vibration
Work mode:
continuous work 
Temperature range:
 - 20 ℃ ~ 50 ℃
 15% ~ 95% RH (No condensation)
Power supply:
the lithium battery power supply (1500 mAh), rechargeable
Charging time: 
 3 ~ 5 hours
Charging voltage: 




Phone/whatsapp:+86 15702973573

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